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  • Ten Years Tony’s. Reason for a celebration?

    It’s almost our tenth anniFAIRsary. The first Tony’s Chocolonely bar came onto the market in November 2005: milk chocolate in an alarming red wrapper, as things were seriously awry in the chocolate industry. Remember how it all started? Dutch TV journalist Teun van de Keuken raised the alarm about conditions on West African cocoa plantations after discovering child slaves working there. He tried to contact all major chocolate companies, but no one would talk to him. Teun van de Keuken decided to take responsibility on his own. Read more here.

  • The AGM: what is that actually?

    The what? Ann-u-al Gen-e-ral Mee-ting. It's a mouthful but we'll walk you through it. At the end of each cocoa season, in July and August, our partner cooperatives in Ghana and the Ivory Coast organize Annual General Meetings (AGMs). This is where all the farmers come together to vote on how to use the Tony's premium (i.e., that extra premium we pay on top of the Fair Trade premium). Read more!

  • Taking Responsibility is a Choice

    Deze week was de internationale dag tegen kinderarbeid en vond de tweede World Cocoa Conference plaats in de RAI in Amsterdam. Één van de onderwerpen waar veel over werd gesproken op de Cocoa Conference, was wat een eerlijke prijs zou moeten zijn voor de boer. Natuurlijk discussieerde Arjen, onze ketenregisseur, hierover mee in een aantal panels. Via Twitter hield hij ons op de hoogte en tweette onder andere deze rake uitspraak van Sharon Dijksma: Lees verder


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