our mission - the road to 100% slave-free

We know where we want to go—100% slave-free chocolate. And we know we can’t get there all on our own. Fact is we are still a small player in global chocolate. We want the big players to commit to 100% slave-free as well. We want to prove to them that there is a better way. Here’s what our roadmap to 100% slave-free looks like.

Phase 1: Create awareness

From the very start, in 2005, Tony’s Chocolonely has played an active role in exposing the abuses of the international cocoa trade. Through mainstream press, in open debate and by encouraging discussion amongst our chocolate fans. There is something very, very wrong with the global chocolate industry, and we want you to know it. The abuses are inexcusable. We’ve made this message an important part of our company, right down to the unequal pieces of chocolate in every Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar. Every unequal bite is a reminder of the gross inequalities of the chocolate trade. Enjoy the chocolate, but understand the reality.

Phase 2: Lead by example

To inpire change, we began with ourselves. We made sure we were Fair Trade from the start—in fact, we were the first certified Fairtrade brand in Dutch supermarkets. A good start, but we could do more. So in 2012 we began buying our own cocoa directly from cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast. We call this approach ‘Bean to Bar’. With Bean to Bar we enter long-term relationships with the farmers, giving them both very fair prices and financial stability so they can invest in their own futures. What’s in it for us? We can tell you precisely where the cocoa in our chocolate comes from. And by establishing long-term relationships with the farmers, we can learn from one another and are able to help them in the right way. One thing we do tell them as well: slavery, especially child slavery, is absolutely unacceptable.

Phase 3: Inspire to Act

We are growing, and we are influencing, but we cannot achieve a 100% slave-free chocolate industry all on our own. We have achieved what some said was impossible and it’s proof a viable alternative to the current system exists. 100% Slave-free chocolate is possible! And we want to inspire others to copy us. We regularly and openly share our business model and best practices with other chocolate makers, even direct competitors, if it will nudge them towards 100% slave-free chocolate. We are living proof that you can establish a fair, honest and profitable chocolate business in West Africa. Now we need others to follow in our wake, and for you to help us spread the word.